Who We Are

At Engage R+D, we bring together data, people, and ideas in meaningful and innovative ways. We approach our work with intellectual curiosity, a sense of humility, and grounding in the communities that are ultimately impacted by what we do. Through a collaborative team-based approach, we engage in collective problem-solving and strive to draw upon each of our diverse perspectives and strengths. We also share a deep commitment to using research as a tool for social change.


Who You Are

Engage R+D is always looking for smart, curious, and creative people to join our team. We are interested in hearing from individuals with 5+ years of experience applying research, planning, evaluation, and community engagement skills within a consulting environment. We also value individuals who have an entrepreneurial spirit and are enthusiastic about contributing to a new and growing organization. Engage R+D is based on the West Coast, with the majority of our staff working out of the San Francisco Bay Area and the greater Los Angeles region.


Join Our Team

If you are interested in joining our team, please address the following five questions in your cover letter:

  • What makes you interested in Engage R+D?

  • What aspects of your previous experience have prepared you for a position with us?

  • What experience, if any, do you have working in a virtual office environment?

  • What skills could you bring to Engage R+D that may not be apparent from looking at your resume or career history?

  • How did you hear about Engage R+D?



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