Developing a Statewide Mobility Strategy for California

The ability of people from diverse backgrounds to improve their economic status is a cornerstone of the American Dream. But what does it take to build pathways to economic advancement in today’s rapidly changing economy? When Jobs for the Future (JFF) opened its California office in 2015, it identified the opportunity to develop an impact strategy that leveraged the expertise of its entire organization.

Engage R+D worked with national leaders from across JFF to design an economic mobility strategy for California. Early in the process, JFF recognized the limitations of traditional strategic planning approaches in the context of such a large, diverse, and dynamic state. We helped JFF apply an adaptive approach to strategy that involved new ways of assessing the landscape and articulating impact objectives and strategies. As a result of this process, JFF developed several new tools that teams from across the organization can use to effectively advance systemic strategies in a changing context. 


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