The Packard Foundation Family, Friend, and Neighbor (FFN) Learning Community was launched in 2018 by Engage R+D as space for grantees to learn, connect, and share with each other. We hope this space will help us spread knowledge throughout the field and make connections with others doing this work. The Learning Community is comprised of Cohort 1 and 2 FFN grantees; Starting Smart and Strong grantees from Franklin-McKinley, Fresno, and Oakland; the Foundation’s partners in scaling; and grantees in Los Angeles providing support to FFN caregivers.

We hope that you will visit us often and help shape the learning community to best meet your needs.

Highlighted Resources:

  • Learning Community Webinar 1 (12/10/18): PowerPoint and Notes

  • Participants in the Learning Community: Contact Sheet (coming soon)

  • May 2018 FFN Grantee Convening: Poster Session

Upcoming Events:

  • Learning Community Webinar 2: February, date TBD

Community Forum: